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Drafting/House Plans

When starting a new project, you want to be confident that you will be satisfied with the result before the building starts! Inteck3d’s services help you identify and solve problems before you get started and give you peace of mind that you WILL indeed be satisfied.

The problem solving starts in 2D drafting. Our software allows us to make 2D drawings while simultaneously creating 3D images...and 3D solutions. We can make an exact representation of your building project on a 2D page and in virtual reality. And our sophisticated Chief Architect software comes with a fully equipped library with everything from moldings to faucets to help you visualize every last detail. Here we’ll help you iron out the problems and give you a flawless construction document ready for your builder.

Are you already familiar with Chief Architect but you need some help finalizing your chief .plan file or creating an efficient default template? We’re here for you! We specialize in this software and we can help draft, fix files, create custom templates, and code Ruby programmable macros inside Chief Architect. Take advantage of our specialists - save yourself a headache and streamline your workflow today!

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Floor Care Services

Home Visualization

Do you have a vision for your dream home but you’re getting lost in floor plans and 2D drafts? What if you could visualize it without risking expensive errors in construction?

Our 3D rendered images and tours will help you know exactly what your space is going to look like. You can custom dimensions based on your needs, like moving walls or expanding a hallway or doorway so your couch or king sized mattress can fit through. Problem solving in the visual world is a lot less expensive than fixing problems in real life!

Aside from identifying problems, Inteck3d’s services are a designer’s dream! Our software allows you to visualize different styles by swapping out different materials, colour sets, countertops, floorplans, and lighting all on the spot. Want to know how brick tiles will look instead of marble? We can do that! Experiment everything from wood plank size, tile layouts, cuts, crown moldings, cabinetry, door handles, hinges, lighting fixtures, placements, paint, carpet, stairs, railings...the works!

Our program, Chief Architect, has an extensive library of furniture and appliances but we can also import data into it as well, meaning you can see what your actual furniture will look like in your dream home!

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Large Project Visualization

Inteck3d is designed for residential projects, both small projects and large condo and housing developments. Our past projects have included visualizing 80 homes on a plot and a condo complex of over 400 units. We can help you visualize a tasteful design on a set budget that can be produced at high volume, and quickly so you can sell or land tenants fast.

Our Platinum renders are a perfect fit to help you market a professional, detailed, and stunning image to potential prospects before construction is even finished. These high class images and video renders can showcase your properties long before the last coat of paint is applied and dry. A 360 Tour is another excellent resource to let your prospects slowly tour a virtual version of your space and imagine themselves in it, making it their home.

Use Inteck3d’s services today to help you find buyers or renters for your properties before construction is complete. Then moving day can be right after the finishing touches are applied on the house...and you can congratulate yourself on not only providing an excellent product but also being efficient and saving money.

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