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See it before you Build it.

Do you want to renovate, pre-sell your condo or housing development, or finally build your dream home? What if you could see or showcase your space before construction even begins? Using sophisticated software, Inteck3d creates high end images and tours of your home in stunning virtual reality. If you’re in the housing business, you can showcase and sell your homes before the foundation is even laid. And if you’re building that dream kitchen or bathroom, not only can you see your vision, but you can also see and experiment with paint hues, cabinets, windows, shingles, and everything in between.

Architectural Drawing

Our drawings aren’t just a sketch of your vision; they can make your plans a reality. Our specialists produce architectural drawings for permit applications. Take our blueprints, give them to your builder and start construction right away!

2D & 3D Rendering

We can build a 3D virtual reality from your already existing 2D drafting or vice versa: produce 2D blueprints ready for construction from your envisioned 3D space. Quality can range from general to detailed - we are versatile and ready to meet your needs.

3D Tours & Videos

Showcase and market your space with a beautifully rendered video tour available in either Bronze, Gold, or Platinum quality. Or try a 360 self guided tour to envision your dream home - perfection is achievable when you can chew on the space from wall to wall, corner to corner.

We’re Specialists in Chief Architect software, Drafting, and 3D Visualization…What can we do for you?

At Inteck3d, we’re all about service and what we can do for you. We offer a variety of different options from 2D drafting to 3D images, videos, and 360 tours. If you’re someone looking to build a dream house, a secondary suite, or a kitchen or basement renovation you’ll likely want a different product than a developer wanting to showcase and market their condo or housing development.

We offer 2D drafting services that create construction documents ready to be handed to a builder. If you already have a draft in Chief Architect software but you need some advice or help on your project, we’re here for you! We can finish your plan files properly and create efficient templates to save you some time and effort.

If you’re looking for a more polished 3D product, not just a 2D draft, then the Bronze, Gold, and Platinum tours and images are more suited to your needs.

Our Bronze quality images and video renders are perfect for visualizing spatial orientation and referencing. The renders can be produced almost instantaneously and are inexpensive, although not superb quality.

Gold quality renders are an affordable balance between the Bronze lower quality and the pristine quality of Platinum. Gold allows you to see textures, lighting, and colours in detail.

Platinum renders are perfect if you want to market and showcase a rental property, condo, or housing development. Potential prospects will be wowed by the clarity and details of your space captured in stunning virtual reality. Platinum pricing is the ideal choice if you can spread the cost over numerous units.

The 360 Tour is another fantastic product to help you market your rental property or secondary income suite. A Gold or Platinum video is a good way to catch interest but if your prospects want a more detailed look, the 360 self guided tour lets them take their time going through the whole house. If you’re doing a renovation and want to study it in detail, the 360 tour is also the best choice for you.

Example of Architectural drafting of plans for a renovation


Working with you has been a game changer

Katja Rimmi - Katja Rimmi Interiors

Working with Inteck3d has been a game changer for our business. We design whole house remodels for our clients and we also work on new home design and construction. It would not be possible for us to keep up with demand and deliver in a timely fashion for our clients without the expert help from Inteck3d in visualizing these homes in 3D. They communicate proactively and clearly, understanding our needs and objectives easily.

A trusted partner

Jason M. Cutter - Transcend Inc.

Since I have started working with Ivan and his staff at Inteck3d they have set the standard for both trust and communication. Trusting you have a partner that understands the need to adhere to deadlines is crucial in our success. Since aligning with Inteck3d we believe we have the perfect alignment where our quality products are now shown in our presentation, construction drawings and renderings.

Amazing quality work

Yan and Kimberley

Designing and creating a house plan can be stressful and time consuming but working with Inteck3d for our dream home made it so easy and we could not be happier with the results. Inteck3d was very conscientious of our desires and time. The service was beyond expected. Communication was clear and easy and timelines were always respected.  They made sure to give us availabilities that worked for us. The quality of our house plan was amazing! We feel as if we’ve been in it before it’s even built.

Inteck3d is a breath of fresh air

Steve Hunsader, Coronado Construction, SF Bay Area.

I'm glad to have met Ivan and his crew back in 2019. In today's world, where most sub-contractors cause project delays and provide less than optimal work, Inteck3d is a breath of fresh air. They keep to their schedule while providing exceptional work. Communication from them is timely and clear. They ask questions when we provide information that could be interpreted in multiple ways instead of making assumptions. Inteck3d is now a sharp tool we'll hold close in our toolbag.

Types Of Projects

Home Visualization

Inteck3d is a designer’s dream. Experiment with floor plans, walls, staircase design, the works, and nail down exactly what you envision your dream home to look like. We can even import data into our program so you can see how your actual furniture can look like in your dream space.

Drafting/House Plans

Using Chief Architect, we create drafting and 2D drawings that you can use for construction documents and building permits. And the 2D drawings are duplicated simultaneously in 3D so you can still get an accurate visual representation of your space!

Large Project Visualization

If you’re looking for a way to market your condo or housing development and find prospects before construction is finished, Inteck3d can help. Showcase your condos or homes and wow your prospects with our stunning video rendered tours.

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